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Carte topographique en vert forêt du domaine Terre & Neige


A-Frame cabin_edited.jpg

An opportunity to experience a historical cabin design, the steeply-angled roof line integrates beautifully into its natural granite surroundings. Positioned South facing to allow a maximum amount of natural light, it also contains two skylights for perfect stargazing opportunities.


Situated on a West facing cliff, this cabin was designed to invite the outdoors in. Large Wildlife Observatory style windows offer a panoramic view, and it’s cosy loft and simple layout make it the perfect place to rest and take in your surroundings.


C°3 Off-Grid

Our lakeside cabin is not for the faint of heart, located at 1.5km from the entrance, it’s a beautiful walk through the forest giving out on a breathtaking view of the lake. This cabin is completely off-grid, giving you the perfect opportunity to fully disconnect.

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