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Carte topographique en vert forêt du domaine Terre & Neige


A-frame cabin in the forest

A quick walk through the forest opens out on a perfect view of our A-Frame, nestled on top of a small granite ridge. Walking up the small path, you will notice a fire pit, ideal for enjoying slow cooked meals or homemade s’mores, as well as a wood burning hot tub. The white cedar deck offers beautiful south facing views, perfect for lounging or drinking your morning coffee while taking in the wilderness around you.
Stepping into the A-Frame you are greeted by a comfortably sized living room, stylish convertible couch, wood stove and functional kitchen. The space is designed and built using natural materials, inviting the outdoors in. Large pine beams span the cabin, and the angled walls are covered in white pine boards to give it a cozy modern feel.

View of living room in A-frame

A queen sized bed draped in linen sheets calls out to sleepyheads, and an elegant yet spacious shower filled with naturally scented soaps offers a luxurious way to wash away the day's activities.


In the morning, you are greeted with a homemade and locally inspired breakfast basket, filled with hot coffee and freshly baked goods that will make you want to repeat the process over again.

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